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Meet Our Bourbon Blogger!

Meet Our Bourbon Blogger!

Hi my name is Kaitlyn! I am an avid lover of everything Kentucky but have a secret of growing up in Indiana (it’s not that bad but the drivers are pretty terrible!)

I came to Louisville in 2009, but didn’t have my first drink of whiskey until 2011. I’ll never forget someone convincing me to try Bourbon and loving it! I knew right then, I was never turning back. Fast forward to now, and I was right. I love bourbon more than the average girl. I wouldn’t say that I know everything about bourbon, but I’m excited to learn more with you by side!

“Keep your friends close, & your bourbon closer.” What’s better than sipping a mint julep, old fashion or a drink on the rocks with a good group of friends?

One my favorite things to do is go to Silver Dollar on the last Thursday of the month for their Historic Flights tasting. I have been able to try multiple different bourbons, meet some really cool people, and learned what my palette actually enjoys. I highly recommend this event, and will write more about it later! (P.S. if you live in the Louisville area or are coming to visit, you have to try their brunch!)

To me, bourbon is more than just a great drink. Bourbon represents the culture and beauty of Kentucky, and is usually involved in some of the best memories we’ve all had. If you are from Kentucky or just stumbled upon this, I highly recommend making the trip to Bourbon Country, it truly is one of the most beautiful parts of our state, even if bourbon isn’t your thing! Exploring the distilleries, trying new drinks, and attending many events, I love learning more about the history, the process, and how this bourbon boom isn’t just a Kentucky thing anymore.

I look forward to taking you on my journey with bourbon! Cheers!

Welcome to The Quarry!

Welcome to The Quarry!

If you have found your way here, you have stumbled upon “The Quarry,” your one stop shop for Friends of Limestone content.

This is where we’ll be talking about what we’re accomplishing, what we’re passionate about and everything in between. You can expect detailed musings on our work and issues, profiles of important people you should know, and much more.

We hope that you’ll continue to come back to this space as we grow and evolve. And that you will use what you learn here to help make the Commonwealth of Kentucky a better place.

As always we’re listening too, and welcome any and all comments, questions and inquiries.

We look forward to seeing you around here!

Gabe Duverge

Chief Communications Officer